Kufufu no Fu

Pineapples Dominates the World

六道 骸
9 June
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Once upon a time,
there was a pineapple,
it was the prettiest pineapple in the world.
man, if only I had some bitches,
the pineapple said to himself.
So he went and got some.
But since he was either a greedy or deranged pineapple,
he still wasn't satisfied with the bitches he got.
So he decided to go and get some more.
That was when he saw a can of tuna.
It was the best can of tuna he had ever seen.
Man, what a nice can of tuna, he said to himself again. (talks to himself a lot)
So he tried to touch it.
Too bad the retard who opened this can of tuna wasn't very careful,
and the lid got all busted and sharp.
The sad pineapple cut himself on it,
and fell into a deep loonnng sleep.
As a result of this unfortunate accident,
it could no longer contain its freshness.
So it got put into a can himself.
And then the story never got finished.
The End.

See kids? The moral of this stories.
Pineapples are best served with Tunas,
but lets try to open the lids carefully okay?
(yeah right.)