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[Dirty Vegas] - Mukuro Profile

Name: Platina
minachiko@gmail.com AIM: LiminalPhilter
Current characters: Rokodo Mukuro; Benio/Kisshou


Name: Rokodo, Mukuro
Fandom: Katekyō Hitman Reborn
History link: http://reborn.wikia.com/wiki/Mukuro_Rokudo
Age: 16
Canon point: After his second escape, and is in the deepest part of
Vindice maximum-security Prison; The water tank.

Personality: Apathetic, manipulative, cruel, playful, charming; those are all words that could be used to describe him. However the reality is never as it seems. He is an enigma, but also an open book. Blank pages to a blood stained book; he plays life like a card game, an incomplete deck. For all of his clever antiques, he is never truthful to himself. Yet, he is always doing exactly what he intend to do, when he want to do them. He is as cruel as he is kind. Rules stopped existing in his world a long time ago.

Since this is Not ten years later Mukuro. At this point of the story, his affections for Tsunayoshi and the gang, is still at a minimum. Some hidden part of him does care, but he has not faced them yet. It is mostly still shielded under the intense hatred he feels for the mafia. However, there is also a sense of hope growling as well. He wants to ensure that Tsuna grows stronger so he would use him to pursue his own goals of taking them over and creating his own ideal world; but at the same time he finds it fascinating that someone who is so different from himself; and what he expected the mafia to be; is growing stronger each day and is changing his perceptions of what the mafia is. Most of him is just observing this as a game and bidding his time; but a tiny part of him is growing fond of it.

He does very much care for Ken, Chikusa, and Chrome a lot more genuinely but only slightly more openly. Even as he is twisted, he is still human, and even somewhat of a child on the inside. He kept them around making-believe that they were just his pets, but in reality, he needs them.  Even as he puts on the facade that he cares for no one; in reality, he would sacrifice himself for them just the same, and did. He does get lonely, and feels despair, but it is because of them that he has never actually been alone. He is almost fearful of codependency, but at the same time craves it.


Pleasant Ville was torture. An endless nightmare to an existing one; while the physio-psychological torture of the senseless prison was over, this was a place worse; far worse. For once, he truly trapped. For all of his powers he could not escape it. The prefect cookie cutter world was an existence he denounced a long, long time ago. It wasn’t real and he knew it wasn’t real. Yet, for everything he tried; He could not escape.

He still hated the mafia, hated this world; but he missed them, he missed them horribly even though he was not willing to admit it. The “toys” that looked to him as their “god;” the ones he called “disposable” in reality was the only reason he still loved this wrenched world. Ken, Chikusa, Chrome… and even thoughts of “him” or “them” occasionally plagued him; Tsunayoshi Sawada, and his little “gang” of idealistic fools.  During the trial of attempting to maintain what little sanity he had remaining, he clung to his determination; and the seeds of hope were planted.

Endurance, patience, and repression of his own sense of self, was something he had learned at a very young age. Thus, without knowing fully the consequences of the scars left behind by the experience, he bids his time: Waiting, plotting, and trying, for the moment he could finally be freed.


Mukuro’s first and foremost power is the master of illusions; although he can also use combative skills. He is not easily deceived by Illusions that are cast by others, possessing a highly perceptive mind and also able to dispel other illusions cast by illusionists.


Six Paths of Reincarnation; Six paths to Hades carved into his memories possibly due to the experiments he underwent as a child. Mukuro is granted six powerful skills. As each state of his skill is activated, a Japanese numeral corresponding to the realm he has entered appears on his right eye.

The Realm of Hell - grants him the power to create real illusions capable of manifesting in the physical/real world.

The Realm of Hungry Ghosts - grants him the power to use the skills of others.

The Realm of Beasts - grants him the power to summon and control deadly animals such as poisonous snakes.

The Realm of Demons - grants him an increase of combat capabilities.

The Realm of Humans – This realm increases his battle aura by strengthening him. It is considered to be the most dangerous of the six realms. To enter it, Mukuro must pierce his right eye

The Realm of Heavens - grants him the power to possess and control others.


Trident – A manifestation of his powers as an illusionist, and his primary weapon. If the trident is broken, he will be able to recall it; as long as he still have the strength within him, and is alive.

Possession Bullet – When a host is shot with this bullet, Mukuro is able to possess and control the body he has cut with his Trident. Initially he can possess several bodies simultaneously; and is also still able to access the Six Realms, granting him the ability to use a different skill for each body.

(This power will probably be the main one to be toned down in “Vegas”)


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